Started by Mark_A._Mandel, 2005-08-29, 04:23:11

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Please excuse my posting here and in English.
I came to look at this site and to explore the filk database. I clicked on the flag of the United Kingdom [even though I am a rebel -- we haven\'t been British subjects here since 1776!  ;)] and saw the message

Sorry, no content in English language yet.

Back to the German language homepage

But when I clicked on the "back" link, the page was "not found"; the link is to a different URL.

-- Mark A. Mandel, The Filker With No Nickname
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Hi Mark,

it is absolutely fine to post in english.
Thank you for the corretion! Missed the broken link at the last up-date :(
The filk data base is suitable in german and english, but all other parts of filk.info not, because we didn\'t find someone who would do the whole translation work continuously. For myself I wouldn\'t dare it doing it myself... my english isn\'t good enough for such a project.

Welcome on board!