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Press Release:  The Filk Film Project

For Immediate Release

Interfilk wishes to announce that it has approved a grant in support
of the first movie project devoted to filk music and the filk
community.  An independent film production company, Market Street
Films, applied for a small grant towards producing a film about filk
music and the filk community.  After review of its own mandates and
discussing with the film crew, Interfilk approved the grant request

The principals of Market Street were introduced to the filk community
in 2005 at Conchord.  Since then they have attended three filk
conventions: Ohio Valley Filk Fest 2005, GAFilk 2006, and Consonance
2006.  At the latter two they recorded much of the convention on film,
and did many interviews.  The grant will permit them to continue to
attend conventions through 2006, specifically FilKONtario, Concertino
and OVFF.  They will have attended all of the North American filk
conventions by the time filming is completed.

Interfilk believes that this project brings a unique opportunity both
to publicize filk and the filk community, and to present a truthful
image of our music and community.  The Interfilk mandate specifies
that the organization offer travel support to those who might not be
able otherwise to travel to distant filk conventions.  The secondary
mission is to support the spread of filk music.  In supporting this
project of Market Street Films, we are advancing those goals.  Market
Street Films has committed that the film will be available for viewing
at conventions.

More detailed information on Market Street Films can be found at More information on Interfilk is at



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