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Titel: Pegasus Award 2009
Beitrag von: Kirstin am 2009-05-14, 13:40:45

Die Pegasus Awards gehen in eine neue Runde!

Und hier wieder eine weitergeleitete Mail von Erica:

Hello everyone!  It\'s your having-way-too-much-life Pegasus Evangelista!

We are coming into the last week of brainstorming; the poll closes at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday the 19th.  (So when it\'s Tuesday in California, it\'s too late.)  We have our two floating categories: 1) A Little Bit Country and 2) A Little Bit Rock and Roll.  Plus all the usual suspects:
Best Filk Song,
Best Classic Filk Song,
Best Performer, and
Best Writer/Composer.  

This is your chance to do some advance brainstorming - jog your memory!  Help other people think up ideas!  Brainstorm early and often!  (Well, okay, it\'s a bit late to be early...)

Anyway, you can brainstorm here: I look forward to seeing your ideas!

Erica Neely
Pegasus Evangelista
Titel: Re: Pegasus Award 2009 - Final Ballot
Beitrag von: Kirstin am 2009-08-29, 21:37:49
Eine weitergeleitete Nachricht von Erica:

The Final Ballot for the 2009 Pegasus Awards is now available here:

Best Filk Song

Gabriel Gray\'s Song (Batya Wittenberg)
One Small Boat (Marilisa Valtazanou)
Take It Back (Kathleen Sloan)
A Thousand Ships (Katy Droege Macdonald/Juliane Honisch)
The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster (Brooke Lunderville)

Best Classic Filk Song

Chess (Juanita Coulson)
Mad Scientist\'s Love Song (Gary McGath)
Spiral Dance (Dr. Anne Prather)
Starship and Haiku (Kathy Mar)
Still Catch the Tide (Talis Kimberley)

Best Performer

Heather Dale/Ben Deschamps
Amy McNally
S.J. Tucker
Tim and Annie Walker
Wild Mercy

Best Writer/Composer

Dr. Mary Crowell
Katy Droege Macdonald/Juliane Honisch
Brooke Lunderville
Steve Savitsky
Vixy and Tony

A Little Bit Country

Feygrass (Scott Snyder)
I Can\'t Get Over You, So... (Nate Bucklin)
Redneck Pagan (Larry Kirby)
Stray Dog Man (Bill Sutton)
Truck Drivin\' Vampire (Michael Longcor)

A Little Bit Rock and Roll

Come to Mordor (Jeff Bohnhoff)
Das Uber Tuber (Rand Bellavia/Adam English)
Fluorine Atom (Paul Estin)
Howl at the Moon (Tim and Annie Walker)
Six-String Love (Vixy and Tony)

Congratulations to all the nominees!
Titel: Re: Pegasus Award 2009
Beitrag von: Kamen am 2009-08-30, 11:03:02
waaah! katy/ju gegen marilisa! wie gemein! ;)

Titel: Re: Pegasus Award 2009
Beitrag von: Kirstin am 2009-10-25, 22:26:51
Hier sind die Resultate:

Best Filk Song - Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster -
Brooke Lunderville
Best Classic - Still Catch the Tide - Talis Kimberly
Best Performer - Heather Dale/ Ben Deschamps
Best Writer/Composer - Vixy and Tony
Best "A Little Bit of Country" - Stray Dog Man - Bill Sutton
Best "A Little Bit of Rock N Roll" - Six String Love - Vixy and Tony

Nochmal nachzulesen hier:

Titel: Re: Pegasus Award 2009
Beitrag von: Aryana am 2009-10-26, 07:51:54
Mal wieder keine Deutschen unter den Gewinnern. *seufz* nicht falsch verstehen, ich gönne den gewinnern ihren Erfolg wirklich - aber ich finde es einfach schade, dass die Deutschen meinem Gefühl nach null Chance bei den Pegasus Awards haben.